Becoming Moon Light Sticker Co Part I

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Becoming Moon Light Sticker Co Part I

In 2018 I had a vision. It wasn't a pretty vision either. I saw myself at 70 years old still waiting tables, working these crazy hours and never being able to retire! It was then that I started on a quest to find something to give me purpose. Over the years I thought  many times about opening a cafe, or being a mortgage loan administrator, or anything other than what I was doing! Now don't get me wrong I do love being a server. I love my guests, I love my job, and I love the freedom that comes with being a server, but it's not my restaurant! I still work for someone else and I wanted more. I knew that I love people, all people. I was a people pleaser. I knew I had to do something for the people. I gathered my thoughts and began my journey to find that thing that I could call my own and that would lead me to my real purpose. 

While exercising  I would listen to audiobooks, then I moved on to podcasts. I found "Side Hustle School" by Chris Guillebeau and "Don't Keep Your Day Job" by Cathy Heller. I listened to every episode from the beginning of their shows! Sometimes more than once!! Should I raise bees? Maybe make custom Koozies. I could bake cupcakes or make peanut brittle, no maybe ice cream. My head was spinning with ideas. One day I heard an episode about a couple that was making vinyl stickers, they were growing....a lot. I thought Hummm stickers??? Seriously!

While working I started noticing that there were stickers everywhere! On lap tops,  water bottles, on the back of cars. Every time I turned around these colorful personality billboards were speaking to me! Dog Mom, I Love My Cat, stickers of peace signs, stickers of objects. They were everywhere!  Apparently divine intervention was steering me towards stickers.

O.K. Karen if this is your thing you need a name I thought, maybe Sunshine Stickers or Sunshine something. In Florida every third business is Sunshine something and I wanted to standout. So I thought I'm Moon Lighting  what about Moon Light Sticker Co. Co for Community. I could build an inclusive group of sticker lovers.

Right about that time an illustrator who was part of the Don't Keep your day job community posted that she would do a logo for a few creators for free. I thought once again this was a sign so I contacted her and after we spoke I explained about my vision. Anna was able to transform my squirreled thoughts and sent me four different versions of Moon Light Sticker Co. I took what I liked best from each design and on that day Moon Light Sticker Co was born. Our mission is to create cute and quirky stickers that make what you Love Stick!